Non-Isolated High Power Converters

This section of Zekalabs portfolio is suitable for companies, who are in search of a DC-DC converter or AC-DC inverter with high power and high voltage. We provide a 200kW, 50kW and 40kW non isolated DC to DC converters as well as a 100kW AC to DC inverter which can serve as both buck and boost devices with their bidirectional functionality. Contact Zekalabs if you wish to receive a datasheet.

DC-DC Converters

300kw DC-DC Converter

300kW, 350A

200KW DC-DC Converter

200kw, 1200V


200kw, 850V

50kW 750V DC-DC Convertor

50kw, 750V

50kW 750V DC-DC Convertor

40kw, 450V

AC-DC Inverters

200KW DC-DC Converter

100kw, 1200V