RedPrime 50kW, 750V DC-DC Converter

DC-DC Converter 50kW, 750V


Nominal power up to 50kW

Up to 750Vdc on the high-voltage side

90Adc maximum current

Air cooling

~ 98% efficiency

Bidirectional energy transfer

Multiple communication interfaces (CAN, Modbus, Profibus)

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Technical Data

Nominal Power


LV side voltage range

10 Vdc - 700Vdc

LV side maximum current


HV side voltage range

60Vdc - 750Vdc

HV side maximum current



~ 98% (load power>20%)

Energy transfer direction


Working in parallel




Power supply voltage

24 Vdc ±10%

Mechanical dimensions (W x L x H)

350 x 400 x 186 mm


28.5 kg

Communication interfaces

CAN (custom protocol)
PROFIBUS (requires protocol converter)

Device Description

The unit is a bidirectional 50kW / 750V wall or cabinet mountable DC-DC power converter.

As a combined buck/boost air-cooled converter, it can be set up in either charging or discharging mode. Moreover, the units can be stacked for achieving higher power with no communication between them (optional).

Providing various modes of operation, programmable limitations and additional logic integration possibilities, it can easily turn into the heart of your energy conversion system.

Having a design with fully integrated control, power units and filter bank balances the size and the weight of the installed components. Moreover, mounting and servicing of these usually heavy components within the cabinet becomes a much more comprehensive task.

Having numerous communication interfaces including Ethernet, RS485 and CANBus and utilizing Modbus, makes the integration with your industrial network an easy task. Profibus interface is also available using a Zekalabs Tradu Modbus-Profibus converter (optional).

Several digital and analog inputs and outputs are available for additional programming and logic allowing extra flexibility during the system design or an ongoing project.

Using the ZekaTrace™ and ZekaStream™ technology (optional), you will be able to display the electrical characteristics and diagnose the health of the system with an unprecedented resolution for the industry. Only one such converter in your design is enough to change the way you commission the whole power plant.

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