Coupling dc buses

Coupling DC Buses

Zekalabs DC-DC high-voltage, high-power converters are the perfect building blocks for infrastructure projects that require coupling of DC buses with different voltages.

High-power input/output

High voltage input/output up to 1200Vdc

Charging or discharging

Buck or boost mode

Air or liquid cooling

IP67 protection versions

Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, CAN, Profibus control

Additional inputs and outputs available

200KW DC-DC Converter

200kw 1200V
DC-DC Converter

50kW 750V DC-DC Convertor

50kw 750V
DC-DC Convertor

DC-DC Converter 25kW, 800V

25kw 800V
DC-DC converter

DC-DC Converter 15kW, 450V

15kw 450V
DC-DC Convertor