Bankov 300kW, 350A DC-DC Converter

300kw DC-DC Converter


Up to 300kW nominal power

Up to 1000Vdc on the high-voltage side

Up to 350Adc

Liquid cooling

> 99% efficiency

Bidirectional energy transfer

Multiple communication interfaces (CAN, Modbus, Profibus)

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Technical Data

Nominal Power


LV side voltage range

10 Vdc - 950Vdc

LV side maximum current

350 Adc

HV side voltage range

LV side voltage + 50 Vdc - 1000Vdc

HV side maximum current

300 Adc


> 99%

Energy transfer direction


Working in parallel




Power supply voltage

18 - 36Vdc

Mechanical dimensions

Rack mountable 19’’ 3U
515 mm deep


36 kg

Communication interfaces

CAN (custom protocol)
PROFIBUS (requires protocol converter)

Device Description

“Named in memory of our colleague Nikolay Bankov, who passed away during the initial COVID wave in 2020 and was instrumental in the inductive design of the product.”

Introducing the Bankov 300kW DC-DC Converter, a cutting-edge, SiC based multiphase DC/DC with everything integrated for plug and play high-power solution by Zekalabs, featuring liquid cooling. This versatile device serves as both a buck and boost converter, offering up to 1000Vdc and 350Adc.

Our 300kW unit offers a wide range of operational modes. It has integrated precharge circuits on both sides, contactors, and EMC filtering. With an efficiency above 99%, it is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

With multiple communication interfaces, including Ethernet, RS485, and CANBus, as well as Modbus support, integrating it into your industrial network is a breeze. For those requiring a Profibus interface, consider our optional Zekalabs Tradu Modbus-Profibus converter.

Additionally, our optional ZekaTrace™ and ZekaStream™ technology provides unprecedented resolution for monitoring electrical characteristics and system health. Upgrade your power solutions with the Bankov 300kW DC-DC Converter.