The microgrid as a discrete energy system consisting of distributed energy sources and loads operating in parallel or independently from the main power grid to ensure local, reliable, and affordable energy.

Zekalabs AC-DC inverters and DC-DC bidirectional high-power and high-voltage converters and inverters can easily fit to build a safe and fully reliable microgrid system. The high-frequency isolated technology used in our grid connected converters allows providing highly compact solutions that eliminates the need of big grid transformers.

Battery Charging

High-power input/output

High voltage input/output up to 1200Vdc

Batteries and Supercaps

Parallel Work

Galvanic Isolation

Charging or discharging

Modbus RTU, CAN control

Custom functionality and control

25kw 800V AC-DC converter

25kw 800V
AC-DC converter

25kW 800V AC-DC

25kw 800V
AC-DC Convertor