Energy storage

Energy storage, as a solution to the global expectations for clean and reliable energy, provides a vast number of benefits like increasing the predictive accuracy of current supply from renewable energy plants, reducing power fluctuations, adapting energy supply to meet times of high demand, cap peak loads to reduce demand charges, etc.

System integrators highly appreciate Zekalabs’ bidirectional AC-DC inverters and DC-DC high-power and high-voltage converters and inverters for their projects. Reliable, robust, and scalable, they provide all the functionality needed to have a successful and fully reliable energy storage system.

Fuel Cells & Flow Batteries
Battery Charging

High-power input/output

High voltage input/output up to 1200Vdc

Bi-directional modes of operation

Buck or Boost mode

Parallel Work

Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, CAN, Profibus control

Custom functionality and control

200KW DC-DC Converter

200kw 1200V
DC-DC converter

50kW 750V DC-DC Convertor

50kw 750V
DC-DC Convertor

DC-DC Converter 25kW, 800V

25kw 800V
DC-DC converter

25kW 800V AC-DC

25kw 800V
AC-DC Convertor