Zekalabs DC-DC and AC-DC Cabinet Solutions offers state-of-the-art power conversion for your engineering needs. Our cabinets are designed to provide reliable, efficient, and high-performance power conversion for a variety of industries, including telecommunications, renewable energy, transportation, and more.

DC-DC Cabinets

DC DC Cabinet 400kW 1200V

400kw, 1200V

DC DC Cabinet 200kW 1050V

200kw, 1050V

DC DC Cabinet 200kW 800V

200kw, 800V

200kW, 850V DC DC Cabinet

200kw, 1200V

200kW, 850V DC DC Cabinet

200kw, 850V

AC-DC Cabinets

125kW 480V AC-DC Cabinet Solution

125kw, 480V

100kW 690V AC-DC Cabinet Solution

100kw, 690V