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The unit is a bidirectional, water-cooled, isolated power converter with many different applications.

Having numerous communication interfaces including RS485 and CAN and utilizing MODBUS, makes the integration with your control network an easy task.

Powered by ZekaTrace™ technology, you will be able to display the electrical characteristics and diagnose the health of your application all the time.


This versatile, multi-application device provides various modes of operation, programmable limitations and additional logic integration possibilities and it can easily be used into the following applications:

  • electric and hybrid vehicles
  •  on-board power converter in electric/hybrid vehicles 
  • on-board battery/supercaps charger in electric/hybrid vehicles
  • hybrid/electrical propulsion and traction
  • battery / fuel-cells / supercaps charging and discharging

Technical data

Nominal power15 kW
Input voltage range0 - 380 Vdc
Maximum input current70 Adc
Output voltage range0 - 450 Vdc
Maximum output current60 Adc
Galvanic isolationYes
Efficiency> 94 %
Energy transfer directionBidirectional
Mechanical dimensions (W x L x H)314 x 370 x 140 mm
Weight20 kg
Communication interfaces / ControlMODBUS RTU over RS485
CAN (custom protocol)

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