Warranty Terms & Conditions

1. General

Zekalabs warrants that the Zekalabs Products will conform to their specific descriptions and, to the extent of these descriptions, will be free from defects in workmanship for the warranty period after delivery date, unless otherwise noted.

2. Duration Of Warranty

The default warranty period for the Zekalabs Products is specified in the Warranty Card that goes with the unit during shipping. It shows also the date from which the warranty starts. The Warranty Holder is responsible for maintaining the documents necessary to establish the delivery date.

3. Warranty Claim

To be valid, all warranty claims must be made in writing within a period of ten days after discovery a defect, damage or non-conformance. The following information must to be provided:

• Product Model
• Serial number (S/N) of the Product. It is visible on the label on the side of the Product (a photograph of the label of the Product and/or a photo of the Product in .jpg format is recommended)
• Description of the problem with as much as possible accompanying information
• Company details of Warranty holder (email address, phone and name of the contact person)
• Company details of entity asking for assistance (email address, phone and name of the contact person) if different from Warranty holder
• Address of site of installation

4. Claim Resolution

The resolution method of a claim is at the sole discretion of Zekalabs. It may consist of:
• Repair and return
• Replace
• Refund

5. Exclusion From Warranty

 The warranty claim is invalid in the following situations:

• Warranty period expired
• Mechanical damage during transportation of defective unit when arranged by Warranty Holder
• Any modification applied to the device that was not performed or approved by Zekalabs-authorized personnel
• Inappropriate installation or commissioning
• Negligence or inappropriate use of the Product
• External event (overvoltage, failure of other components in the installation causing device failure, etc.)
• Non-observance of documentation, including preventative maintenance
• Force majeure, including but not restricted to lightning, power surges, natural disasters and fires
• Returned Product shows no fault after analysis
• Improper or no application of safety regulations
• Utilization in combination with equipment, items or materials not permitted by Zekalabs documentation

The warranty exclusion may be discovered by the Warranty holder or during the repair of the unit in the Zekalabs repair center. If a warranty exclusion is confirmed by Zekalabs, the logistics, analysis, and associated material, labor and administration costs will be charged to the Warranty holder. If a warranty exclusion is discovered during the repair, the repair will be stopped, the Warranty holder notified, and when possible, a repair estimate will be provided.

The warranty claim will be invalid if incorrect details (Product serial number, error code, etc.) are provided.

The warranty does not apply to components which are separate from the Product, auxiliary equipment and consumables, such as, for example, cables, cable holders, fuses, wires and connectors, contactors, precharge resistors, capacity banks, etc., whether supplied by Zekalabs or others. Some components may carry their own manufacturer warranty.

6. Legal Aspects And Other Conditions

The warranty agreement is concluded between Zekalabs and the Warranty holder (the legal owner of the Zekalabs Product). Therefore, a claim by a third party is only possible if the warranty holder has explicitly authorized the third party to act under his/her name, and if the third party accepts the Zekalabs terms and conditions in the name of the warranty holder. The Zekalabs warranty terms and conditions will then apply to the warranty holder through the authorized third party.

This factory warranty is freely provided by Zekalabs and does not prejudice in any way the device’s conditions of sale, including any warranty provided by a third-party entity from which it has been purchased.

The present terms and conditions supersede any terms and conditions that have been in force previously and applies to devices sold from the date of validity of this document.

These factory warranty conditions are governed by Bulgarian law. All disputes relating to the validity, interpretation and execution of this document shall be assigned exclusively to the authority of the Bulgarian court.