Solar DC-DC Converter With MPPT

Solar DC-DC Converter With MPPT
Redprime 25kW DC-DC Converter now with integrated MPPT for solar applications and systems.

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At the end of 2020, we announced that we had set out to integrate MPPT technique into our DC-DC converters. Today, we are proud to share that our goal is now a reality. Zekalabs engineering team succeeded in integrating MPPT in our RedPrime Isolated DC-DC Converter 25kW.

We expect this feature to enable our current and future partners to easily save and utilize the sun’s energy and store it in suitable battery packs to be used when needed. Zekalabs devices are extremely compatible with battery systems. The Energy Storage System in the Netherlands, featuring our power converters is an example of our expertise.

Our Solar DC-DC Converter could easily become the heart of our solar storage or microgrid system. With its reliability and efficiency, the unit will provide a considerably high Return on Investment. Moreover, we at Zekalabs value The Modular Approach to power conversion, meaning that our devices are easily stackable and convenient to maintain due to the high monitoring and diagnostics capabilities that we provide.

We expect the MPPT integration to be a game-changer in terms of reliability. We remind you, the Zekalabs is all about Building Partnership, not selling units.

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