Zekalabs And Universities

Zekalabs And Universities
Innovation and partnership as cornerstones between Zekalabs and Universities all over the world.

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Creative spirit and innovation require trial and error. They need the freedom to experiment and attempt solutions from different perspectives. Zekalabs is an agent of experiment, innovation and outside the box thinking. Therefore, we are always on the look for people and companies who wish to make a change, to improve, to create and discover.

Many such individuals and group can be found not only in the industry but also in higher education. We at Zekalabs admire the spirit of our university partners all over the world and their desire to push the boundaries of the known and the possible using Zekalabs’ own power conversion technology.

Huge round of applause to our friends at:

HAN University
University of Ostrava
University of Florence
University of Toronto

for their innovative spirit and close cooperation with Zekalabs. By moving together can we move forward.

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