RedPrime 25kW DC-DC. Why So Unique?

RedPrime 25kW DC-DC. Why So Unique?
Discover what makes our Redprime 25kW DC-DC Converter so special and why it will be the heart of your system.

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Here, at Zekalabs we have marvelous engineers. And we have tens of years of combined experience. Most of them – field work. What happens when such a team decides to build the perfect tool – the Swiss knife among the DC-DC converters? This is how the RedPrime 25kW isolated DC-DC was born!

Wide Voltage Range And Overlapping

Start from 0, go up to 800V – pick a number! Moreover, with full overlapping between both sides. No more caring about the voltage ranges of your sources or loads, no more worries about voltage difference between the input and output. Voltage on both sides almost equal – no problem at all!

2Q Operational Modes

Push energy back and forth within milliseconds – no problem! Just set a voltage reference and current limits and you will have a microgrid application on the fly.



Is it a feature or an application? It will smoothly balance your system. In both directions. On both sides. Need more units in parallel with no communication between them – just set the droop!

And More …

Integrated precharge and main contactors. Should we mention how much engineering efforts will be spared? Integrated display. Run the unit the moment after you unpack! It’s that easy!

Even More …

Galvanic isolation. Yes, it’s there! Can it do solar panels? Sure! Bring them up! MPPT is integrated.

What Else?

Try the RedPrime 25kW DC-DC – a system within your system!

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