Case Study: E-Bus Charging Station

Case Study: E-Bus Charging Station
Zekalabs would like to share the latest success story from one of our clients - a leading bus manufacturer.

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Zekalabs clients are always at the forefront of innovation and engineering creativity. Together we share the desire to build a clean and reliable energy future.

Electric vehicles are a major focus at present. Many companies worldwide are constantly striving to better the durability, efficiency and performance of all the technology that is incorporated in an EV and its charging infrastructure. Progress is inevitable. Who will lead it is the challenge.

We at Zekalabs are proud to share one such example from a leading bus manufacturer and their pilot project to create a bus charging station. The goal was the develop an infrastructure that could charge a bus from a trolley line. The project was imbued with engineering thought and desire for innovation and progress. Using two of Zekalabs 200kW RedPrime DC-DC converters, that which was once a dream is now a reality.

So far, the project has turned out to be a major success. For six months the buses have traveled more than 20,000km and have undergone the charging process above 1400 times. Similar successful partnerships perfectly illustrate the reason we at Zekalabs are committed to our vision and purpose. In the period to follow, we will share more such stories as we, together with our partners keep pushing for progress.

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