200kW Converters Now With Fuel Cell Mode

200kW Converters Now With Fuel Cell Mode
We officially announce that your 200kW DC-DC power converters are now armed with fuel cells mode.

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Recently we shared that our 200kw DC-DC converters were used by one of our Swedish partners in a fuel cell application. Today, we officially announce that we have successfully integrated a Fuel Cell mode in our 200kW converters.

Why Fuel Cells?

Fuel Cells seemed to experience a fluctuation in popularity in the past years. Experts were debating whether they could become a viable alternative to batteries. But maybe recent events have the answer. Companies are currently investing millions of dollars to develop innovative hydrogen fuel cell systems that might overcome the energy density limitation of lithium-ion batteries.

New Fuel Cell Converter

Up to this point, Zekalabs provided our 10kW and 20kW 500A DC-DC converters for fuel cell applications. Building up our portfolio, we introduce the 200kW DC-DC converters as possible solutions to our clients and new visionaries.

All Zekalabs devices are designed and manufactured with the mindset to provide flexibility, reliability and safety. Join with our engineering expertise, we can become your trusted partner to participate in the design of your innovative system.

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