15kW, 450V DC-DC Converter Joins Fuel Cell Fleet

15kW, 450V DC-DC Converter Joins Fuel Cell Fleet
Zekalabs 15kW DC-DC power converter is the latest unit equipped with our Fuel Cell operational mode.

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More than a month has passed an Zekalabs is again rolling out with Fuel Cells updates. We recently announced that our 200kW DC-DC converters have been equipped with a Fuel Cell operational mode. Today, we continue with the good news.

Even More Fuel Cell Converters

Zekalabs has enabled our 15kW, 450V DC-DC converter to be used in Fuel Cell applications as well. This move further underlines our commitment to such systems and the innovators willing to integrate them. Broadening opportunities and feeding the creative spirit, this is all that Zekalabs is about.

Recent Fuel Cell Adventures

Our newest partners from the United Kingdom are pushing ahead with our 15kW units to integrate fuel cells in a modern and innovative train application. As always, we are fascinated with the ingenuity of our clients. We wish them success in their endeavors

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