Pursuing 1500V Voltage Range

Pursuing 1500V Voltage Range
Embracing innovation and looking ahead with 1500V. Zekalabs sets a new development goal for the near future.

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Here at Zekalabs the goal has always been to pursue the excellence in engineering and power conversion as well as to enable our clients all over the world to innovate and the pursue reliable and efficient energy systems.

At present, our devices offer a maximum voltage boundary of 1200V. But it will not be so for much longer. Through the means of integrating hardware innovations, Zekalabs is pursuing the goal of enlarging the voltage range of our converters and inverters reaching up to 1500V. This feature will enable Zekalabs devices to be easily incorporated into many additional applications such as a 1500V Photovoltaic (PV) power plants. Our RedPrime 25kW DC-DC converter is the device for the task.

Systems equipped with Zekalabs devices and technology will gain a reliable system behavior, high-speed monitoring and diagnostics capabilities and a fault-free operation.

With the new voltage range, inserting a Zekalabs inverter into your system will:
• Provide you with an easy to use solution
• Reduce total costs by up to 10% relative to the electrical balance of systems
• Enhance it with a reliable and efficient building block
• Make commissioning quick and comfortable

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